Who we are

Founded in 1999, we've embarked on a relentless pursuit of excellence, driven by our core commitment to sustainability and innovation. We're more than just a company – we're a team of over 50 passionate individuals dedicated to revolutionizing the way metal is recycled and reused worldwide.

Our mission is simple: to help safeguard the environment while providing our clients with sustainable solutions. With our modern recycling systems and a forward-thinking approach, we've become the biggest non-ferrous metal recycler in our region.

Crane picking up metal scrap

63 m

euro a year worth of high quality recycled metal sold to businesses.

50 +

long lasting partnerships with businesses all across the globe.

2000 t

of ready to use metal produced from recycled scrap every month.

25 y

of recycling metal waste and contributing to the circular economy.

Partners all across
the world

In 2023, we sourced metal from 39 different locations worldwide, expanding our network to include 93 export partners. Currently, we export 2 thousand tons of product per month to partners across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America, with new partnerships in Africa on the horizon.

Our mission

Our mission is to lead the charge in transforming the metal recycling industry through innovation, sustainability, and unwavering dedication. We strive to reduce waste, and provide our clients with sustainable and efficient solutions that surpass expectations. By harnessing the power of modern recycling systems and adhering to the highest standards of excellence, we aim to make a positive impact on the world while building lasting relationships with our clients.

Our vision

Our vision is to pave the way for a greener, more sustainable future where metal recycling is not only efficient but also integral to global environmental efforts. We envision a world where the circular economy thrives, waste is minimized, and resources are utilized responsibly. Through strategic partnerships, continuous innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we aspire to be at the forefront of this movement, shaping a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Our history

Metalekspo is founded, initially buying scrap metal from small companies and selling it to Latvian factories.
We recognizing the need for a competitive edge, in turn Metalekspo starts exporting to Germany and China, resulting in a significant increase in turnover from 1 million to 4 million euro within a year. An old sawmill is purchased, and turned into a modern facility.
Turnover reaches 7 million euro, prompting our strategic shift towards processing. We begin conducting market research and start designing a non-ferrous metal processing/sorting and granule production plant.
We launch our new pellet production line and get our ISO certification.
Turnover climbs to 17 million euro with a total of 27 employees under our wing.
AQSIQ certification
The establishment of a sorting workshop marks a pivotal milestone. This strategic initiative not only fortified our operational capacity but also underscored our commitment to enhancing efficiency and effectiveness within the metal recycling process.
Modernization of the processing line. By embracing cutting-edge machinery and innovative methodologies, we fortified our capabilities to adapt to evolving industry demands and market dynamics.
Administrative restructuring, transitioning to 24/7 operations.
Turnover reaches 62 million euros with 42 employees in our employ. We decide to further improve our recycling plant.
All construction is complete and we decide to investment in a new shredder, marking a significant milestone in our recycling efforts.
Metalekspo remains committed to continuous innovation, seeking new ways to push the boundaries of sustainable metal recycling. We plan to continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and research to further enhance our processing capabilities and environmental performance. By staying at the forefront of industry advancements, we aim to lead the charge towards a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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